About us

Darwinian Consulting specialises in the synthesis, interpretation, and communication of complex information. Based on a solid foundation of scientific excellence, our team excels in capturing information and stories through stakeholder engagement and consultation. We are known for our enjoyable and interactive workshop facilitation techniques that break down barriers within and between organisations resulting in outcomes that are bigger than the sum of the parts. Based in Brisbane, Australia, the team of Dr Simon Costanzo, Dr Bill Dennison and Dr Heath Kelsey have extensive international experience working with all levels of government, universities, non-government and not-for-profit organisations. Having worked with clients remotely and online for many years, we are well versed in facilitating workshops and meetings in an online environment using a suite of web-based tools that fully engage participants to ensure key themes are conveyed and their contribution is maximised and captured.

Simon Costanzo

Simon is an experienced environmental scientist and stakeholder engagement specialist based in Brisbane, Australia. Simon’s career in the private, government, NGO and academic sectors over the last 20 years has focused on stakeholder engagement aimed at co-designing and co-creating sustainable and practical environmental solutions. Simon excels as a workshop facilitator due to his combination of technical expertise, diverse experiences and excellent rapport with people.


Bill Dennison

Bill Dennison is a Professor of Marine Science and also Vice President for Science Application at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. Bill has a long history of influential science communication starting in south-east Queensland, Australia, followed creation of the Integration and Application Network (IAN) in Maryland USA, a collection of scientists interested in solving, not just studying environmental problems. Bill excels at engaging diverse stakeholders to develop effective science communication products and generate socio-environmental and organisational report cards.


Heath Kelsey

Heath is an environmental health scientist with 14 years of experience in ecosystem assessment and stakeholder engagement. He has developed more than 20 ecosystem health report cards and other assessments for coastal and riverine ecosystems worldwide. Heath uses an inclusive approach that engages communities with researchers and managers to help identify a shared vision for their ecosystem. His specialties include science communication, environmental and public health assessment, ecosystem health indicators, and stakeholder engagement.


Our name and logo

Darwinian is a portmanteau between Darwin and IAN. Charles Darwin has always featured richly in our teachings of science communication and thinking "outside the box". IAN represents the Integration and Application Network at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science which we are all affiliated with. Darwin-ian was a perfect merging of our work, life and beliefs.

Our logo represents one of Darwin's finches (also known as the Galápagos finches) that were pivotal in his idea that natural selection drives evolution.