Deciding the future of south-east Queensland

The South East Queensland Report Card has reached 20 years of reporting the health of waterways and catchments in south-east Queensland (SEQ), with the recent addition of capturing social and economic benefits to the community. Management and remediation actions resulting from report card findings, combined with effective communication of the results, have dramatically changed how we understand and perceive the ecological systems within SEQ and the pressures that shape and influence the region as a whole. At this important milestone of 20 years, however, the program’s relevance to stakeholders in the new world provides opportunities for alternative ways of thinking. We at Darwinian Consulting are working with Healthy Land and Water to develop an approach that can help decision makers produce well-balanced policies and investment portfolios that will guide/lead all of us into the future to ensure the natural, economic and social values that attract such attention in south-east Queensland are maintained for existing and future generations.

We are achieving this by merging a set of innovative and transformative tools in ecological health assessment and reporting, system dynamics modelling, and social network analysis to achieve what we are referring to as a Future Card. A SEQ Future Card will: i) effectively assess the social, economic and ecosystem health of SEQ (updated EHMP Report Card), ii) provide guidance on optimal cost-benefit solutions to maintain or improve the health of these systems (System Dynamics Modelling), and iii) identify which actors within the system are best placed to implement these actions (Social Network Analysis).

Towards integrated reporting for Darwin Harbour

Darwinian Consulting is leading the development of a report card on the ecological, social, indigenous cultural, and economic health of Darwin Harbour. This project, funded by the Ian Potter Foundation, is being delivered in collaboration with Charles Darwin University, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, and Griffith University.

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Reef Regional Partnerships Report Card

Darwinian assisted the Great Barrier Reef Regional Partnerships undertake a self-assessment based on the health of the following five values identified as being critical to partnership success: Cohesive staff, Credible science, Resilient organisation, Relevance to stakeholders, and Effective outreach.

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Cooks River Report Card

Cooks River Alliance in NSW reached out to Darwinian to help guide them on their journey to upgrade their existing water quality based report card into a socio-environmental report card. COVID-19 caused us problems doing it in person, so we adapted and ran a series of online stakeholder workshops over four weeks.

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